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CNC Milling

Meeting Your CNC Milling Needs From Prototype to Production

For over 20 years, M&M Automatic Products has been a leading provider of CNC Milling services and parts for companies around the globe. Whether you need a short run of complex parts, require precision finishing services, or simply need the ability to run a variety of materials, our CNC milling equipment can meet your machining needs from prototype to production. Our experienced machinists are equipped to quickly and accurately set up even your most complex jobs and deliver them on time, to print, with the quality you expect.

CNC Milling Services & Capabilities

Our team of CNC milling machinists specialize in short runs and small lot sizes, and our typical runs range is from 50 to 100,000 pieces. Our versatile CNC milling machines are capable of running a variety of materials, including carbon alloys, aluminum, brass, stainless steel, and plastics. We can also help you choose the best material for your application and help you determine the best way to reduce your part’s cost without any reduction in quality or performance.

Our equipment is designed to hold production tolerances of plus/minus .0005” on most dimensions:

  • Haas VF-2SS machining centers
  • Haas VF-2 machining centers

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How it Works

When you contact M&M Automatic Products requesting a quote, we will set up a consultation to review your product needs and design a plan based on your timeframe and budget. We can even help you design your parts and determine what would be the best raw materials to use to produce them. Our CNC milling machinist will then manufacture your parts and will have them shipped and into your hands on-time and on-schedule. We’re even capable of producing your parts on an expedited timeframe if needed!

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Why M&M Automatic Products’ CNC Milling Services?

CNC milling servicesOur team of expert machinists have been providing CNC milling services for over 20 years and is focused on providing you the high-quality parts within a timeframe and budget that fits your project needs. We are ISO 9001 certified and continually maintain a rigorous quality assurance program as well as machinists training programs to ensure that our products exceed our customer's expectations. Whether you need more information on our CNC milling capabilities, need a quote or want to check the status of your order, our friendly, knowledgeable staff are always happy and available to answer your call.


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